We are OMNI.

Here's our story.

Founded in 1977...

OMNI International Consultants, Inc. is an insurance brokerage incorporated by William Ligenza in 1979. An ex-pat himself, he started his business by selling medical and life insurance products to the Philippine expatriate community. As his business grew, he expanded by starting to sell general lines of insurance and approaching Filipino clientele. With about 40 years in the business, OMNI is considered well-respected in the insurance industry.

The OMNI Group of Companies offers all kinds of the following General and Life insurance at preferential rates and services.

Fire -

The most basic of all insurance products. Fire Insurance protects your home and or your business including contents.

Motor -

Give yourself peace of mind while you're on the road by availing Motor Insurance. This product can cover damages caused by accidents and calamities.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) -

Medical bills can be overwhelming, but an HMO plan can help ease that burden. HMOs can cover medical procedures, treatments, and consultations.

Life -

Comfort yourself with the thought of your loved ones having some security in the future.

Third Party Administration (TPA) -

Take further control of your employee's medical benefits. We collaborate with you as we customize and design your policy and personally administrate it for your company.

Our goal is to make acquiring insurance less tedious and intimidating for our clients. We find the plans that best match their needs and we go over them together to ensure the perfect fit. OMNI also handles your claims so that you don’t have to worry about the arduous process. We’re with you every step of the way.


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